Return To Suffering

by Nine Eyes

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released January 20, 2016

Mixed and Mastered by Isaac Hale.



all rights reserved


Nine Eyes Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Solitary Fate
Peel back my skin
Let me show you just what I'm made of
Every ounce of me
Woven from hate and love

The fiber of my being
Is frayed and torn
From my own heart's complacency

I refuse to waste anymore time
Waiting for anyone else but me to save my life
No more walking this fence line
I burn it to the ground

Now that it's all said and done and I'm moving forward

There will be no more lying in wait
You've gotta break the hinge and set yourself free

If you follow me you'll see a life outside of this hell
Track Name: Return To Suffering
Playing God to make a living
Don't you see what you have done
Waging wars of the chosen
Another fight has been lost

Reap the rewards heartless fool
Eye for an eye your end will be just as cruel

Return to suffering
Your life has come full circle

You can't give back what you stole
So we claim your life this time

Return to suffering
Hope you enjoy the pain
Return to suffering
Your loss is our gain
Track Name: Lap Of The Gods
You can't make it through this life as yourself
Forsake your past and cling to new idols
Just as thousands have done before
Treachery will get you nowhere

No loyalty to yourself or anything else

What's done is done
You can't come back
So it seems
You slipped right through the cracks

Fabricate every thread of your being
Hope you're accepted as someone else
Don't you see just what you bargained for?
A life lost in exchange for glory

What's done is done you can't come back
What's done is done no last words
So it seems you're just a sheep in the herd
Track Name: The Plague
A season's come and gone
And still my ears are burning
The line was drawn, the knots come undone
But that crooked tongue's returning

The picture that was painted
With a tainted brush of lies
Never stood a chance on display
In front of all these faithful eyes

Tear down this web that's been spun
It failed to catch anyone

Not a soul will fall prey
To the words of a false martyr

The plague tried to end me
The cure lies in the truth
Now there's nothing left to prove