by Nine Eyes

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released April 27, 2015

Peter - Guitar
AJ - Bass
Isaac - Drums
Jim - Vocals



all rights reserved


Nine Eyes Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: The Knocks
I never amounted to nothing
That's what you said in the letter you left me
Always falling short
Like a beggar without enough change
Let me get the last ticket
For the bus headed to nowhere
So I can fade away with the memories
Because I know that you don't care

I really hate to prove you right
With all the things that I'll do wrong

They say to search for the light
They say it's what a person needs
But I was born in the dark
And pitch black is all I see

Just let the void swallow me whole
No light for me
No hope
Track Name: Inconsolable
Not a single tear
Running down my face
Always losing trust
Never gaining faith
Can't bring back
The youth that's been misled
My heart is as hard as their heads
And now you're dead
I couldn't save you
You made your bed

Can't fill the void that you left
Track Name: Dezerted
Seen it a thousand times
You tried to draw the lines
Tried to keep us separated
Two things that are unrelated
Think what we have is cheap
I see your jealousy
We never needed validation

We play the cards that we've been dealt

This time you've done it
You sealed your fucking fate
Smothered by insecurity
Drown in your fucking hate
Track Name: Hung Up
Can't close my eyes
Can't escape this fear
Can't stop these thoughts
Can I ever go back from here
Sweating on the inside
I welcome death's embrace
Stuck like this forever
Living for my own sake

All I want is peace
My heart won't let me sleep
Stranded by reality
No longer claiming my sanity
Forsaken by my mind
No longer in control
I'm not giving up
I'm just letting go

Take my fucking life
Back into my own hands
Embrace my demons
Since I can't defeat them
All things pass with time
Gonna test my patience
Nowhere left to hide
So I face this head on

I was born to bare the burden
I choose to accept this pain

I will never be the same