Forever Isn't Long Enough

by Nine Eyes

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released January 6, 2017

Mixed by Isaac Hale
Mastered by Sean Robinson



all rights reserved


Nine Eyes Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Vanish
For the life of me I can't understand just what your purpose is. why are you still here?

Trespasser stay out.

You're just here for show, doing nothing to prove your worth, actions still speak louder than words, and you're motionless.

If I asked you what saved your life you'd stare at the ground completely silent.

I'm still married to the reasons of why I love this.
You show not one ounce of passion you motherfucker.

You may be here for now.
But with the rising tides, you'll quickly wash away. I'll still be standing here just like always.
Track Name: My Offering
Forgotten names and unfamiliar faces
Pollute the air in these sacred places
Hollowed actions led by false compassion
The echoes of your voice bring satisfaction

No saving face
I'll close the gates
Watch you fall from grace

The truth forever absent
Replaced by forged security
I'd take my own life just to know
I gave my everything

Sacrifice myself
Now they're free
Track Name: Forever Isn't Long Enough
Not long ago my heart was empty
But now it's overflowing
I spent so many years waiting and never knowing what it would feel like to be complete and truly happy

If not for you I still would not believe

You took my hand
I gave you my heart
Whatever it takes
To finish what we start

A love that's worth it's weight in gold

Nothing will ever come this close
I just can't be without you
Until the day I die
Even then I won't be satisfied

Forever isn't long enough
Track Name: Funeral For A Generation
Uncertainty placed in front of us
Stretching for an eternity
Staring us down
Never blinking an eye
It could get worse
Before they die

Stuck between a rock and a hard place
There's nowhere left to go
They chose darkness
What they see is what they know

How long will they push back
Before they see we're moving forward
The death of their ideology
Is getting closer

Food for worms makes room to grow

So now we wait
For those that came before us
To fade away

A funeral for a generation
Track Name: Narrow
When I look into your eyes
I see a fucking faker
Using “love” as your excuse
Crowd pleaser speech maker
There is no heart in what you preach
No true commitment to your cause
And when the congregation steps away
You’ll tear it down and build new walls

Your fucking destiny
You’re fucking dead to me

Supporting this, supporting that
Easy to see it’s all an act
From the great white north your ship pulls through
Drive home we’ve got no time for you

So much to be learned
This sage was never a prophet
With so much noise in the mix
It’s all forgotten